About Medontix

Medontix was founded by a vascular neurologist who sought to address the real-world challenges encountered by institutions running multiple clinical trials in parallel.

As a physician-scientist and a medical trainee at several large hospital systems, Dr. Arteaga has held numerous responsibilities as a sub-investigator in addition to his patient care duties. Like many of his colleagues, he frequently found it difficult to keep up with detailed training certifications, recurring protocol changes, and the taxing process of screening patients for a broad range of clinical trials which were often in flux between active and inactive states.

It is these experiences that eventually led him to form a company whose primary directive was to work alongside sponsor sites and principal investigators to streamline the process of clinical trial screening and enrollment. By creating an intuitive interface for managing clinical studies and by thoughtfully deploying artificial intelligence to augment the process of decision-making during trial enrollment, we seek to reimagine how research is conducted on a global scale.

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