TrialTracker Software

The field of medicine continues to rapidly evolve, with an average of 100 new clinical trials now being introduced every day . However, these ambitious efforts to improve clinical practice through research tend to add to the responsibilities of clinical coordinators as well as practitioners, the latter of whom are already tasked with managing high patient volumes. TrialTracker was developed to alleviate this burden, and enhance trial enrollment, by streamlining the process of trial onboarding and conduct.

Coordinators and investigators are each given access to a unique dashboard view, where they are able to access trial documents, view trial information, and maintain training compliance, among many other features. Data governance is assigned to clinical research coordinators via an admin panel, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to be made in response to protocol updates and other changes at the local site. In addition, Medontix maintains close relationships with sponsors to ensure that any adjustments made to trial protocols and status are shown accurately on the dashboard.

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